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Roidmi India is offering a FREE 1-hour home cleaning service by our expert cleaning technicians. During the 1-hour intense home-cleaning drive our technician will use the Roidmi F8 Storm FX to clean your sofa, bed's, mattresses, curtains, flooring, window sliding and many more inaccessible areas which are difficult to reach. After the 1-hour intense cleaning with Roidmi F8 storm, the technician will also illustrate how effective the machine is and how even the most minor dust mites have now been captured inside the Roidmi F8. 

In return for the FREE 1-hour cleaning we only expect you to provide us with two more referrals who would like to get the FREE 1-hour cleaning done in their homes. 

If you are interested and would like to register for your first FREE Roidmi Cleaning, please fill in the below form.

Please note: As of now the FREE cleaning drive is only happening in selected areas of Mumbai city only.

You may call our toll free number us at +91 77700 88483 to confirm the area, time, and availability before filling-in the below form.

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