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Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

            F8 STORM FX

Suitable for Both Home and Office | Aesthetic Appeal for Tasteful People

F8 storm vacuum cleaner

Roidmi F8 Storm FX Smart Vacuum cleaner leverages simple geometric design language. The 270-degree large handle design integrates both – handle, which can be can be pushed for a comfortable grip and an air channel. The comfort factor for effective grip has been taken care of in designing the best cordless vacuum cleaner for offices as well as homes. It is made available in a sophisticated combination of white and gray – exhibiting sophistication with appealing aesthetics. Inclining towards minimalistic design – this cordless vacuum cleaner accommodates every need for cleaning – simple, easy to use, and just right!

Designed to Redefine Vacuum Cleaning

Vacuum Cleaner for corner

User-Friendly Experience – Lightweight (Just 1.3 Kg)
with 270° Design

Emphasis is placed on the optimization of selected materials in internal structure to ensure the minimization of product weight. The best cordless vacuum cleaner for office and home comes with a 270° large handle, grip holding degree, and strong suction. The motive is to enrich the user experience by reducing the burden!

Brushless Motor with Speed Performance of 100,000 Rpm

100,000 Rpm Brushless DC Digital Motor | 100AW Suction Power | 300W Machine Power

Roidmi F8 Storm FX – the best cordless vacuum cleaner for homes and offices comes with lasting strong power capacity. This is owing to the use of DC digital motor with a speed of up to 100,000 rpm, machine power of 300W, and powerful suction of 100AW. Efficiency is enhanced due to reliable engineering of the product, coupled with strong suction for effective dusting.

cyclone suction

Classic Multi-Stage Cyclone Duct System Enabling Cycling Suction

18,000 pa Vacuum Degree | 72dB (A) Low Noise | 950 L/min Air Volume

Classic multi-stage cyclone duct structure of the product is combined with high-power brushless DC motor to ensure powerful suction. In addition, when the enhanced mode is switched on, cyclone suction is generated where instantaneous air volume reaches 950 L/min. It increases the effectiveness of the product manifolds. In order to offer premium and smooth experience, the product is optimized with cutting-edge noise reduction technology. It brings down the noise to as low as 72dB (A), thus, further enriching the user experience.

cordless vacuum cleaner for carpet

Innovative Comb Design for Easy Cleaning and Avoiding Hair Entanglement

It is the best cordless vacuum cleaner for home as it is ergonomically designed, keeping in mind every aspect of customer needs. Innovative and cutting-edge comb design used minimizes hair entanglement, and the huge airflow inertia causes the hair speed into the dust cup before it can get wrapped.

Deepen Ground for Absolute Cleaning of Stubborn Particles

At 45-degree angle to the ground, the handle automatically adjusts the weight of the battery and motor to reduce burdening hands and leading to more effective cleaning of stubborn dust particles. The ergonomic design of this smart cordless vacuum cleaner comes with – one-touch tact switch, sensitive adjustment of suction mode, elimination of the need to long press, and seamless operation.

cordless vacuum cleaner
high power battery vacuum cleaner

Long-Lasting Battery for Efficacious Cleaning

   60 minutes Standard Mode | 10 minutes Enhanced Mode

Six high-rate and high-power batteries are clubbed into the best cordless vacuum cleaner for office and home for you! It takes only 2.5 hours to charge completely and offer durable performance. The maximum endurance time of the battery is 60 minutes, enough for cleaning your entire apartment. In addition, 10 minutes of super suction is provided in the enhanced mode for more in-depth cleaning, dealing with difficult particles.

Better Dust Separation and Anti-Clogging with Reduced Suction Loss

An optimized structure designed for air duct, centrifugal suction, and, large and smooth inlet successfully separates floc garbage and dust particles. It is then locked in a dust cup, which is quite challenging to avoid suction loss. Thus, this smart vacuum cleaner comes with more durable and stronger suction power.

multi filtration vacuum cleaner

Multiple Filters, Anti-Clogging, and Long-Lasting Suction

Fused with multiple purification systems, the product exhibits optimum efficiency in filtering dust particles, avoidance of clogging and maintain lasting suction. From the initial interception of hair and debris to efficient filtration of dust, allergens, etc., these multiple purification systems offer multi-layered protection. It is designed to efficiently absorb 0.3 μ micro particles, thus, leading the purification rate to 99%. Furthermore, the product pumps out clean air and avoids secondary pollution, thus, inducing a clean and healthy environment.

Innovative Ground Brush with Closed Cavity Increases Vacuum Degree Enabling Higher Rate of Dust Absorption by Sticking Better to Floor

Electric roller brush is integrated with this cordless vacuum cleaner for home and office for cleaning wooden floors and tiles. The soft fibers are also useful in polishing wooden floors. For the floor area covered with carpet, an alternative rolling brush is also made available.

f8 storm fx roller brush vacuum cleaner

Flexible Rotation at Multiple Angles Possible for Easy Cleaning of Blind Corners

Flexible Rotation | 6.6 cm Thin | Stick to Wall

This product, best cordless vacuum cleaner for office and home, goes deep in narrow spaces, sofa, and other furniture without leaving blind corners. It rotates at multiple angles to allow cleaning of corners and cervices of small areas.

Convenient Storage and Charging 

Roidmi F8 Storm FX comes equipped with a magnetic wall mount to facilitate easy storage. Furthermore, it can be fixed on a wall and charged at the same time., while also avoiding winding of cord. It is designed this way to offer time and space savings to users.

Vacuum cleaner wall mount charging
vacuum cleaner accessories

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