• Where is Roidmi from?

        Roidmi is Xiaomi Ecosystem Brand from China. Please refer our website www.roidmiindia.com for more info.

  • Which model is available in India?

       Currently only F8 Storm FX is available in India.​


  • What is the price of the product?

       Please click on the below link for all buying option www.roidmiindia.com for all the buying options.

  • How much is the warranty for the product and what all is covered in it?

       5 year repair or replacement warranty for motor and 2 year for host. 1 year on all other parts in case of any manufacturing defect.

  • What do I do if the product is dead on arrival?

       You will have call our customer support helpline and notify the same along with the purchase details.

  • How much time the machine operates?

       On full charge the machine will operate for 40 minutes on normal mode and 10 minutes on powerful mode.

  • Is it both dry and wet vacuum cleaner?

       It is only dry vacuum cleaner and will not operate in case of wet surface.

  • Does it have a blower?

       No it doesn't have a blower. It has only suction mode.

  • Where do i buy the product from? 

       Please click on the below link for all buying option www.roidmiindia.com for all the buying options.

  • What about customer service?

       Incase of any problem in the machine, customer need to call us on our customer care number and we will guide you depending upon             the problem how to proceed.

  • Can i use it with cord plugged in simultaneously ?

       There is no power cable on the product. It runs with an extremely powerful battery which gives up to 40 minutes of suction.

  • How can i ask for installation after buying this if i am in Chennai ?

       You can just call their customer care mentioned on web or you can request store to get demo and installation arranged for you.

  • Would i be able to assemble it myself ?

       Yes, you can easily assemble it yourself using the user manual.

  • Can I use it to clean the car?

       Yes, Roidmi F8 Storm FX can definitely clean the car with the Mini Motorized tool which is specially designed to clean the car seats and             boots. This machine also has another accessory- extension hose which extends to 60 cm to reach confined spaces and can reach         under car seats and other awkward areas.

  • Do you have an exchange option for old vacuum cleaners?

        No we don't do exchange.

  • Is it repairable?

       That depends on the extent of the damage. We offer repair or replacement warranty of 2yrs on host and 5yrs on motor.

  • How can i claim warranty from Roidmi if i purchase it through Amazon, flipkart or any other website?

       You will have to register the product by calling the customer care number and give us the invoice details of purchase.

  • Does this come with a HEPA filter?

       Yes it comes with 1 filter inside the product and 1 extra filter. 

  • Does it come with soft roller?

       No the Indian version of F8 Storm FX comes with soft bristle brush which is suitable for both hard and wooden floor and not with soft               roller. Customer can purchase soft roller if required by calling customer care number.