After-Sale Service

24 months replacement warranty all over India

Please note: If you face any problems with your new Roidmi F8 Storm FX please call us on our toll-free number 1-800-266-1786it is a mandatory requirement for our company to understand the exact problem with the product and then offer an appropriate replacement. The replacement warranty does not apply to mishandle issues, issues due to any natural calamities in your area, any issues due to riots, protests, flooding, and thunderstorms. The replacement warranty only covers any in-built operational issues with the product and the replacement authority lies purely in the hands of the technician probing over the issue on the phone with the customer.  

5 years Motor warranty all over India

We offer five years motor warranty with all our products. 

Roidmi India, a brand initiative of ALPS Enterprises. On behalf of Roidmi products in India, ALPS Enterprises believes strongly that every Roidmi product should offer more 3 times more value for money in terms of its product quality, after-sales service, customer support and ease-of-use to the end-users.


As a service policy of Roidmi India, our team is well equipped to handle all kinds of the return policy, exchange policy, and referral policy. Return policy based on all kinds of out-of-box factory issues, Exchange policy based on customer dissatisfaction and customer service team review and referral policy based on the recommendation of our products as an influencer, customer, friend or relative is well defined and understood by each pilot team member of ALPS Enterprises.


As a service policy of Roidmi India, all our official re-sellers employees will be offered 3 levels of training which includes,

level 1 -  product features detailed training,

level 2 - troubleshooting training,

level 3 - parts repair and replacement training.


With our service policy clearly defined and set right from day 1, we believe that each Roidmi product in India will be very well accepted by the Indian audience