About the founder & CEO:


Gaurav Ashok Pardeshi

Merit listed Diploma holder in Instrumentation Engineering

Bachelors of Engineering in Instrumentation Engineering

MBAin Marketing


Journey as an Entrepreneur & Businessman :


Hong Kong :


Adesiflava Private Limited -A ‘brands trading company’ started in Hong Kong in mid 2014. Gaurav started with making a Youtube video about a smart pocket-size projector which led him with a purchase inquiry from Bolivia. Now Adesiflava Private Limited is working with over 20 leading brands from China and supplying to over 30 customers worldwide. With a sales turnover of approx. 2 million USD per month, the company is helping the latest technology brands to reach out to every corner of each country.


A-Desiflava Magazine-Gaurav started Hong Kong’s first lifestyle magazine for South Asians in October 2011 and the magazine is now reaching to over 3000 Indian families in Hong Kong. Visit www.adesiflava.com to learn more about the magazine. Aamchi Mumbai Restaurant-Gaurav & Neha Pathak (Wife of Gaurav A.Pardeshi) started Aamchi Mumbai restaurant in Hong Kong in 2014 with a view to bring the Mumbai street food to Hong Kong Indians. The restaurant also catered to big corporate events and parties. With instability in the business and market situations in Hong Kong, restaurant was shut down in 2017.


India :


ALPS Enterprises-ALPS Enterprises was formed in India in 2018 with a view to introduce some of the world’s renowned consumer appliances brands in Indian market.


Atya App-A food based smart-phone App launched in Mumbai in early 2019 helping housewives to supply homecooked food to consumers via the app.


Graph Events-In early 2000 Gaurav started his first company in Mumbai handling corporate and social events management company based in Mumbai. After successfully doing 14 events for colleges and the general public the company had to be shut down in 2004.

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Roidmi brand is promoted in India by ALPS Enterprises. With our offices based in Hong Kong and China under our sister company MCAPL Private Limited a joint venture of Muchen Technology Limited and Adesiflava Private Limited, we want to see a Roidmi product in every Indian houshold. To get in touh with MCAPL Private Limited please visit www.aplomhk.com

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